Whole Beans

Steeltown is now roasting our own beans, right in the coffeehouse. From single-origin beans sourced from many of the finest coffee countries around the globe, to our special espresso blend, we proudly bring you our unique and delicious medium roasted beans. Don’t be surprised to find us roasting in the afternoon when you drop in.

Roasted On-Site, Right Here in Pittsburg

Steeltown is now proudly roasting our coffee in-house on our state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly Bellwether roaster. We roast throughout the week assuring that all our beans are extremely fresh and we package them in a special pouch with a one-way valve that lets with beans breathe while keeping the outside air out.

Our Current Selection

Coffee, as with any crop, is seasonal and each country of origin harvests their coffee at slightly different times of the year, depending on their geographic location around the globe.  Our beans are sourced from countries around the world and we are excited to offer a wonderful selection of single-origin beans and a lovely, well-balanced espresso roast, our Community Blend, roasted in honor of our friends and neighbors in Pittsburg.

To purchase any of our in-house roasted coffee beans, visit the coffeehouse or order online at our Online Store. Our coffee beans can be shipped anywhere in the United States.