Whole Beans

Ordered Monday, roasted Tuesday, and delivered Wednesday… our coffee is as fresh as it gets. Whole bean coffee is the way to go for home brewing, but we can grind it to meet your needs.

Our Current Selection

Coffee, as with any crop, is seasonal and each country of origin harvests their coffee at a slightly different time of year, depending on their geographic location around the globe. We are proud to serve coffee roasted by Fourbarrel Coffee in San Francisco, one of the premier Bay Area coffee roasters and recently included in the top ten roasters in the United States. Fourbarrel sources coffee directly from farms in each country of origin and helps farmers improve their crops and production in order to produce the finest coffee possible in their region of the world.

Guest Roaster Program

Our Guest Roaster Program began in January 2015 and seeks to bring recognition to other regional coffee roasters. This program will also give our customers a perspective of the coffee industry from the viewpoint of other roasters and the different approaches to selecting and roasting coffee. Our guest roasts will be available side-by-side with our Fourbarrel offerings and our amazing espresso blend will continue to be Fourbarrel’s Friendo Blendo. Check back often to learn about our latest Guest Roaster.

Our Whole Bean Menu is updated as our selection in the coffeehouse changes.


El Tablón




Hunda Oli


Los Yuc


Our New Guest Roaster is Temple Coffee. Based in Sacramento, Temple Coffee is dedicated to earth-friendly growing and roasting. We are happy to offer the following single origin coffees from Temple for a three month residency.


Ratibor Hartmann



Current Cold Brew (Iced) Coffee: Guatemala Los Yuc.
Please Note: Our whole bean coffee is sold in 12oz bags, and can be properly ground for the type of brewing method you use at home or the office.