Art: Jason Steinberg – Happy Places

Art: Jason Steinberg – Happy Places

Jason Steinberg’s photography will be on display at Steeltown February – April, 2018. We will hold an artist’s reception at Steeltown on Sunday, February 25, 2018, 2pm – 4pm.

From Jason:

When I am in-between making fun, helpful, effective marketing videos that produce results for my clients, I create photography and frame it within found window sashes. Repurposing the retired windows to showcase pieces of realities witnessed through my lens, is meant to create a cause for pause.

I find it easier to share interesting moments in time visually then to write “A Thousand Words” or an artists statement. Much to my journalism professors chagrins, when a glance leads to stares, inspections, and/or reflections then… I have created that cause for pause.

In that pause, witnessing people’s subjective stance of my art is what really intrigues me around pieces I have created.

My photography is meant to evoke emotion to build relations between viewer, artist, and subject.

Creating this cause for pause in this hustle and bustle economy tickles my soul just so. It’s time to stop and check stuff out.

If you have a story to share, feel free to call and let’s share a cup of coffee to discuss.

Jason Steinberg is a family man with two children and amazing wife. Looking to add a dog (boxer), few chickens and to connect with Bay Area influencers to assist in telling their story, through moving imagery.


Jason Steinberg | Steinberg Imagery

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